Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Plants Laboratory

Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Plants Laboratory

The message

 Awareness of the community about the ways in which herbs should be used, such that they are tested and the concentration is known, as there is a constitution of herbal medicines in which the quantity of the herb that can be consumed and the concentration of the active substance are established.



Determining medicines that come from natural materials and not industrial medicines, as well as identifying semi-manufactured medicines, that is, those that are extracted from plants and animal products and on which a simple chemical reaction takes place.



  • It is to help society get rid of ignorance regarding herbal medicine and avoid buying unexamined medicinal plants
  • Detection of most of the chemical compounds that are present in the basic composition of medicinal herbs and plants and their use in treating most of the existing diseases or reducing their seriousness

Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Plants Laboratory