Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Laboratory


Giving a distinguished role to the pharmacist in the community through his work in private and governmental pharmacies, by providing him with the information and pharmaceutical expertise he needs in his work, as he is in direct contact with members of the community, and educating citizens about the ways to use the dispensed drugs and how to store them, in order to preserve the validity of the preparation, safety and health the user


The message

Number of pharmacists who are familiar with the methods of preparing pharmaceutical formulations on a small and large scale. In addition to deepening their role in the field of synthetic recipes and preparing them correctly, and noting the changes that appear on pharmaceutical preparations as a result of surrounding conditions that may cause damage to the preparation.



  1. Studying the pharmaceutical accounts needed to prepare prescriptions on a small scale in pharmacies.
  2. Preparing different types of drug doses on a small scale in pharmacies.
  3. Learn about evaluating the physical properties of drugs, studying the stability of drug doses, and how to calculate the validity of drugs
  4. Knowledge of the methods of manufacturing drugs or drug doses on a large scale (in laboratories).
  5. Training and acquainting students with the different pharmaceutical preparations available in pharmacies through their training in private pharmacies.
Pharmaceutical Laboratory