Computer lab

Computer lab


The message 

Computing Laboratory seeks T. Zowayed students basic computer skills and advanced necessary to enrich the intellectual and artistic fields in their earnings Computer Science and its various applications .


The computer lab contributes to the performance of the academic mission that the college aspires to and is keen on preparing distinct numbers of graduates who have an academic background that combines the basic knowledge and skills required in the labor market, while at the same time adhering to ethics and values.



  1. Developing study plans and courses to achieve the requirements of the public and private labor market, as well as the requirements for academic accreditation and overall quality
  2. Activating cooperative education and training programs for students and refining their theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of computers by contacting the applied reality within government and private institutions.
  3. Providing expertise in the field of computer science to the various departments and specializations of the college.
  4. Providing the student with the necessary skills to manage information systems and databases.
  5. Teaching the student the basics of managing computer networks.
  6. Preparing students with appropriate specialized and general skills that can be employed in what suits the student’s scientific specialization.
Computer lab