Histology and general anatomy lab

Histology and general anatomy lab


The laboratory seeks to clarify the vision of the students of the medical group familiar with basic information in medical sciences, especially histology, anatomy

The message

Preparing competent students in terms of histological and anatomical sciences and benefiting from them in their medical and future lives by identifying the tissue structures of the body and organs and understanding the important physiological processes and the interrelationship between them


1- Building basic knowledge in human histology and understanding normal human tissues which are essential in some medical applications

2- Acquaintance with the basic principles of anatomy and histology, as well as scientific and topographical terms.

3- Identify the anatomical structures, the important physiological processes, and the interrelationship between them for the different systems and organs in the human body.

4- Getting to know the exact system of fluids and electronics in the body and methods of examining the natural ratios in the laboratory.

5- Understand and study the organs related to blood perfusion, such as the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, renal system, and their role in maintaining physiological functions in the body, as well as the type of tissues that make up them.

6- Develop students’ skills through mental questions, answers and tests for the laboratory.

Histology and general anatomy lab