Pharmaceutical and Toxicology Laboratory

Pharmaceutical and Toxicology Laboratory


Preparing a pharmacist who is able to practice his work successfully in the service of the community.


Providing the factors that help prepare a pharmacist capable of doing his work, by preparing

Practical laboratories with all advanced means in addition to providing modern books that achieve the desired goal.


  • Giving a distinguished role to the pharmacist in society through his work in private and governmental pharmacies, by providing him with all the information about the mechanism of action of medicines, their side effects and their interactions with each other, as well as with food and ways to reduce them.
  • . The role of the pharmacist in educating citizens about the ways to use the dispensed medicines and the way they are dispensed, and alerting doctors and working staff about the side effects of medicines and the warnings of the wrong use of medicines in a way that ensures the health and safety of the user.
Pharmaceutical and Toxicology Laboratory