industrial pharmacy laboratory

industrial pharmacy laboratory

The message

Teaching and providing the College of Pharmacy students with the information necessary for the pharmaceutical industry, studying the pharmaceutical processes associated with the pharmaceutical industries, preparing and formulating medicines in different pharmaceutical forms, as well as studying the devices that are used in the manufacture of those formulations.


The laboratory aspires to advance the educational process by teaching modern courses to students of the College of Pharmacy. The department also looks forward to formulating pharmaceutical preparations whose goal is to reach specific parts of the body and not others to reduce the side effects of the drug, in order to eventually graduate a pharmacist with high pharmacy efficiency that keeps pace with the rapid development in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.


  • Achieving excellence in industrial pharmacy specialization in research and teaching and providing services to specialists in order to improve health care for the community.
  • Introducing the students of the College of Pharmacy to the rules of good manufacturing in the different stages of drug manufacturing, clarifying the sections of industrial establishments and industrial processes and their stages, and studying the factors affecting the manufacture of different pharmaceutical forms.
  • Educating and training students and researchers to use modern and industrial devices in the methods of manufacturing medicines and medical drugs in pharmaceutical factories with the same quality and conformity to manufacturing specifications and international pharmacopoeia approved in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Supporting the quality management system of pharmaceutical education.
  • Support extracurricular activities to build a distinct student personality.
industrial pharmacy laboratory