Medical Physics Laboratory

Medical Physics Laboratory


Striving to upgrade the laboratory to ensure its compatibility with international standards, so that the laboratory becomes a model in providing students with a high level of knowledge, science and academics, making it distinguished at the level of medical physics laboratories in local, regional and international universities .

The message

Securing the appropriate educational and academic environment to provide students with the expertise and skills necessary to provide society with specialized competencies in medical physics and in the field of education and scientific research, as well as developing their scientific capabilities and using them in life phenomena, analyzing them and finding appropriate scientific solutions to them This message is implemented through the partnership between the Deanship of the College, the faculty, students and the labor market .


  • Preparing competent university graduates who possess the applied skills necessary to practice specialized work.
  • Providing students with applied skills to deal with any scientific problem and solve it in a sound applied manner.
  • Providing students with innovative skills for scientific methods and developing them for use in the practice of specialized work.
Medical Physics Laboratory