Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory


Graduating a high-level generation competent in the practice of the profession of pharmacy by enriching students with practical experiences and basic information related to the field of chemistry in preparation for either joining higher studies or engaging in jobs related to health fields according to the study plan of the College of Pharmacy, and attention is focused on building strong scientific foundations side by side With the development of basic practical skills for students.

The message

In it, students and researchers were taught and trained to use modern devices in the methods of detecting the components and compositions of medicines and pharmaceuticals, their conformity with the pharmacopoeia, their quality, validity, chemical components and how to synthesize them from primary compounds, studying their natural and chemical properties, as well as methods for detecting organic compounds and how to synthesize them from primary compounds and study their properties Natural, chemical and physicochemical using modern devices and methods


  • Training the student on the proper use of devices and equipment.
  • Contribute to the achievement of the college’s objectives in preparing a qualified, distinguished pharmacist, capable of giving in the fields of pharmacy, scientific research, and community service, with an efficiency commensurate with the requirements of the labor market.
  • Developing courses and developing practical skills for students.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory