Organic chemistry lab

Organic chemistry lab


One of the laboratories of the College of Pharmacy with a scientific specialization, which is concerned with teaching the techniques used in the preparation and analysis of chemical compounds and how to deal with them. It includes both analytical chemistry and organic chemistry.

vision :-

The Organic Chemistry Laboratory is interested in identifying the nature of organic chemical compounds and methods of analyzing them in order to achieve safe use. As well as teaching students on safety and security guidelines in dealing with chemicals and identifying methods of chemical analysis and diagnosis.


  • Spreading knowledge in all fields of chemistry and working to apply it to serve the community.
  • Familiarity with the basics of volumetric and weight analysis and studying the types of titrations and their mechanism, and this is done by teaching students in the laboratory to detect ions of atoms and how to determine their concentration by different volumetric and weighty methods.
  • Helped advance medical and drug therapy; Because it is closely related to the pharmaceutical industry, which mostly depends on various chemicals.
Organic chemistry lab